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Want the 6 pack back?

If you’re experiencing belly flab, stretch marks, and loose skin on the stomach, an abdominoplasty may be right for you. Also called a tummy tuck, abdominoplasties are used to reduce fat, trim away sagging skin, and tighten loose abdominal muscles in order to recontour the stomach area. The end result is a trim, smooth, and fit-looking abdomen with well-defined muscles.

With abdominoplasties, you have two options: a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck. The full tummy tuck gives the plastic surgeon greater access to the underlying tissues, which allows for more tissue removal and more extensive tightening. However, the mini tummy tuck offers a faster recovery time. Speak to our board-certified plastic surgeons here at Face Center Los Angeles to determine which procedure is best for your aesthetic goals.

During a full tummy tuck, an incision is made from hipbone to hipbone, sweeping down close to the public hairline. A second incision may be made around the inside edge of the bellybutton. Your plastic surgeon will tighten loose abdominal muscles, which sag and drift apart over time. Fatty deposits may be removed using liposuction, and excess skin will be removed. The remaining skin will be redraped, and the incision will be closed with a buried, invisible suture.

With a mini tummy tuck, the procedure is quite similar. However, the incision is much shorter and does not reach the hipbones. This is ideal for patients who desire a smaller degree of correction.

Another possibility is combining your mini tummy tuck with either a breast lift or augmentation, a package of surgical procedures called a Mommy Makeover. Pregnancy and childbirth cause major changes in the body. These changes can include loss of breast volume, breast shape issues, and a stretching apart of the abdominal muscles. Mommy Makeovers are designed to change these, helping women return to their pre-pregnancy body shape.

Mommy Makeover


There is no joy greater than parenthood. The pride you have when your child takes their first steps and says their first words are indescribable and give us the perspective to never look at life the same way again. However, there are some changes that come with being a motherhood that many of us would prefer to do without. Most of these involve our body’s reaction to sustaining the life of our little ones as they grow inside us for 9 months in preparation to face the world.

You may have noticed dramatic changes in your body during pregnancy and nursing that have altered the way you see yourself in the mirror and the way you feel about yourself. The mommy makeover is a procedure designed to address the specific areas on a woman’s body that are affected during pregnancy, birth and nursing. The procedure includes special attention to the breasts through breast lift techniques, consideration to the stomach and abdominal wall through the use of liposuction and tummy tuck surgical techniques, and finally special care given to a woman’s most intimate parts, which often sustain the most intense stress during pregnancy. Vaginal reconstruction can address changes such as tissue that was torn or damaged during birthing.

All of the mommy makeover procedures we perform are custom tailored to each individual patient, and there is no need to worry about unnecessary procedures being undertaken. The physician will carefully outline the goals of the surgery with each patient to be sure that the areas that a woman is concerned with most will be those that receive the utmost attention.

The mommy makeover does more than improve how you feel and how you look, it can help patients regain the confidence in their looks and renew a patient’s desire and drive to look their best. We understand that women of all ages become mothers and the mommy makeover is safely performed in patients from 21-65. The mommy makeover is about more than your own sense of wellbeing. When you feel confident and happy, your child is sure to feel more comfortable as you relate a positive attitude and good vibes when taking care of them. Just because you are now a mother does not mean that you shouldn’t have privileges and feel good too. You can always visit us here at Face Center Los Angeles.




An artist’s approach

Liposuction has gone through many incarnations over the years. It was invented in Italy in the sixties, but only became popular after a high profile French surgeon published good results a decade later. In the eighties it was unclear who the best candidates for the procedure were. Was it an operation to make obese people thin? Or was it best suited for those who barely needed it, people with a single “figure flaw” or two? Later in the eighties the health club scene proliferated and more “ideal” liposuction candidates presented themselves.

In the nineties more changes occurred. Power assisted liposuction came along, as well as “ultrasonic lipo”, which is akin to today’s “smart lipo”. These are all inventions that add something to the tip of the cannula (the liposuction instrument) that dissolves the fat that is to be removed.

Our key to success with liposuction has boiled down to two things. One, developing the talent and artistry of sculpting the body with thin, low impact instruments while using a combination of tumescent and sedation anesthesia. And two, choosing the patients best suited to the procedure, people who have reasonable expectations and are willing to do their part to insure a great result.

At the end of the day, liposuction is sculpting. It’s an art. And in our practice satisfaction rates are very, very high. Think about it, an outer thigh has four elements to consider but only one of them (the fat) is adjustable with liposuction. The other three elements are skin (it’s elasticity), muscle and skeletal architecture. It takes a lot of experience — and an artists eye — to know what to do, how to do it and upon whom it should be done. That’s why our practice is filled with so many happy, healthy and shapely people.

Fat Transfer

Does this treatment make me look fat?

Feeling young and looking young are important to most men and women. A youthful glow makes us feel good about ourselves.

Over time we lose some of that youthfulness. When this happens we can have the appearance of a sunken face, breast, buttock, or even calves. This can be caused by smoking, sunbathing, childbirth, age, weight loss, or genetics. Overtime, these fuller features may deflate or lose their luster.

We may eat right, exercise, try to keep stress at a minimum, and get a good night’s sleep most nights, but this does not stop all the changes in our bodies. These changes can frustrate us and make us think our efforts are in vain, as well as deflate our features and our self-esteem. One way of enhancing our bodies and our self-esteem is to create fuller features that have lost their youthfulness. If this is the case, fat transfer might be a good option for you.


Fat transfer, is a safe, natural, minimally invasive procedure. Fat from one area of your body is transferred to another part of your body –hence the name, “fat transfer”. How it works is some parts of your body may have excess fat that can be utilized by areas that have lost their fullness or in areas that never had it in the first place. Some of these areas can be thin lips, calves, cheeks, breasts, hands, pock marks, buttocks, scars, and marks from previous cosmetic procedures. Many choose to have a fat transfer procedure with a combination of an Breast Lift to reduce sagging breasts.

Our doctors will help you decide if fat transfer can produce your desired results. We are known for our individualized care, and will only recommend a procedure if it will benefit you. We will also go over all the alternatives so that you can make the most informed decision.


  • Loss of volume in the cheeks or face
  • Have laugh lines
  • Thin Lips
  • Smaller breasts, but with good elasticity and shape
  • Loss of volume in the buttocks
  • Wrinkled hands
  • Scars
  • Pock marks
  • Marks from previous cosmetic surgery


The fat transfer procedure is fairly similar for all areas of the body, by taking fat from one area of your body, usually your stomach, buttocks, or thighs, through Liposuction, and then transferring it to a desired area. You will not only gain in one area, but lose in another area that you would like to. While the procedure is basically the same for all, the information below will explain how each area will show improvement.


Fat Transfer for a Natural Breast Augmentation will use the fat from another area on your body to create a modestly larger breast size. This can be used at the same time as fat grafting to reshape the breasts, as well as a breast lift. Many women choose to go with the fat transfer because they are not introducing any foreign substance to their body.


Fat Transfer for the Face, fills in the delicate areas of the face. It can smooth out wrinkles around the mouth, fill in thin lips, and smooth out pock marks from acne. Some people choose to do this at the same time as other facial procedures.


Fat Transfer for Scars and Marks that are on the body can help fill in small or large depression marks, acne scars, previous marks from plastic surgery, and other scars, to smooth the surface.


Fat Transfer for Buttocks can fill in flattened, sunken, or unshapely buttocks. This will create a modest increase. Fat grafting can help to shape the buttocks even more, as well as a butt lift may be done at the same time to lift more sagging buttocks.


Fat Transfer for Hands is used to fill in wrinkled skin on the hands from aging, creating a smoother younger appearance.


We understand how important every person’s decision is to choose cosmetic surgery. We encourage an open-door policy, in which all of your questions and concerns are addressed, before, the day of, and after the procedure. It is imperative that the patient is aware of all their options in order to make the right decision for their body.

During the consultation, the doctor will go over what you should expect leading up to, the procedure itself, and the recovery process.

We will will examine the area of your body you would like to improve upon for muscle strength, skin elasticity, and fat loss, as well as the area in which she believes the fat should be transferred from. At this time, we will also ask you pertinent medical questions, and do a full exam, to make sure you are a good candidate for any procedure.

The doctor will then discuss how the procedure is performed, what you would like to accomplish, and if fat transfer, or one its alternatives, is right for you. If the procedure is on your face, you should bring pictures of yourself from a few years ago. This way we can have an extra tool to make an informed decision on your needs.


Fat transfer is a surgery, because it includes the use of liposuction. The procedure generally takes one to two hours, and most patients are sent home the same day.

A fat transfer procedure uses a combination of mild sedatives and local anesthesia, or general anesthesia. This is based on the area of the procedure, your body type, and the extent of the fat transfer.

We are know for our extra-fine incisions. We will place the incisions in the most inconspicuous place on your body, so that the scar is well hidden. Eventually the scar should significantly fade over time.

Once the incisions has been made, we will then transfer fat through liposuction from one area of the body to the desired area of the body. She will then close the incision with extra fine sutures, and apply dressings to protect the body from infection


We will not only explain to you what to expect during the recovery process, will also detail the recovery process in take home instructions for you. We want our patients to know that recovery is not a one size fits all, and while we creates an individualized program for recovery for each patient, we know that questions and concerns may come up during this period. We would prefer if you have any questions or concerns at any time during the recovery process that you contact us or our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The recovery process any procedure will be different for each patient, however most people can return to work in a week or two.

Even though a fat transfer procedure is minimally invasive, it is still invasive and can cause bruising and swelling. You will want to avoid alcohol and Aspirin, as they can increase the bruising and prolong the healing process.

You will want to limit physical activity, use ice packs to bring down the swelling, and follow all of the doctors’s instructions. Within five to seven days after the fat transfer procedure, you will have a follow-up visit. During this visit, the doctor will examine the area, ask how your recovery is coming along, and give additional recommendations, if necessary.


Got a sagging feeling?

What Is An Arm Lift?

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty is a surgical procedure to remove both excess fatty tissue and excess skin. The goal of an arm lift is to provide patients with a youthful, smooth and even contour of the upper arm. An arm lift may include both the trimming of fat and skin and is often combined with liposuction techniques to improve the outcome.

How Is An Arm Lift Performed?

Depending on the severity and degree of excess skin the techniques employed during an arm lift can very substantially, but they are all meant to achieve the same results. Patients who have loose skin are generally dealt with by cutting away excess skin and fatty tissue from the inner part of the arm. This can be done with only a single scar running along the inner portion of the arm from the elbow to the armpit, and the incision is easily concealable. If the condition is less extensive it may require even fewer incisions and can usually be accomplished through a single or double scar in the armpit alone.

Who Is A Good Candidate For An Arm Lift?

We have an impeccable record performing arm lift surgery and the procedure can be safely performed on a variety of patients who are physically and mentally healthy. Some of the most frequently encountered patients are those who have experienced rapid and/or dramatic weight-loss. This change commonly leads to excess skin on the upper arms after patients substantially reduce the fat all over the body. Many of our patients are women who are 50 or older who are self conscious of excessive skin in the upper arms. Patients who are in generally good health are usually good candidates and the doctors are always happy to make an in-person evaluation, which includes an assessment of both the patient’s current health and their medical history.

Preparation For An Arm Lift

Patients seeking an arm lift are expected to be as physically and mentally healthy as possible. Patients who smoke will be required to quit well in advance of the surgery and must agree to refrain from smoking for several months both before and after. Smoking can severely inhibit the body’s ability to heal by limiting the oxygen supply to the blood and tissue. Over the counter medications, including common painkillers like Aspirin and Aleve are blood thinners and must be avoided to prevent excessive blood loss before, during, and after surgery. The surgeon here in Face Center Los Angeles will provide all medications including antibiotics and painkillers that are known to be as safe and effective as possible, and which do not normally create complications.


Body Contouring


Trim the fat

Individuals who have undergone a major weight loss are often faced with an excess of skin and tissues that results in the unsightly look of saggy skin. Although these individuals often adopt a healthy and reasonable diet and a solid exercise regimen, these efforts are often insufficient to tighten the skin leaving surgery as the only viable option.

Body Contouring

Body contouring, also known as body sculpting, is a cosmetic surgery that draws on a number of various techniques in order to provide patients with firmer, tighter and more voluminous skin all over the body, in the places that need assistance the most.

Liposuction And Tucks

Other options include traditional tucks and liposuction techniques, which are still preferred by many patients. Tucks are one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery and can be performed on a number of body parts, including the thighs, stomach, neck, and arms. Tucks involve removing excess skin and tissue while paying close attention to keeping scarring and any signs of surgery to a minimum. For patients with excess fat in problem areas, liposuction is one of the fastest and most permanent ways to address fatty tissue. Tucks and liposuction are often performed together producing fabulous results. Because excess skin often leads to irregular fatty deposits, a liposuction with a tuck often provides the only means necessary to correct a patient’s condition.




It’s Thigh Time

One of The Most Common Problem Areas

One of the most frequently cited problem areas for women is the area between the knees and the butt that many think of as almost a swear word; the thighs. For many women the thighs are the first place they notice changes during weight gain and the most difficult area to address with even the most concerted exercise and diet efforts. It is not uncommon for skin of the thighs to become excessively loose, which results in the appearance of decreased muscle tone and aging. These effects can be caused by normal aging, genetics, and are commonly related to damage from sun exposure. It is no wonder that many women are choosing not to wear swimwear, shorts and even modest skirts for fear of exposing their thighs.

About The Thigh Lift

The goal of a thigh lift is to address this condition; excess and saggy skin of the thighs. By a combination of removing and tightening the remaining skin of the things, patients can achieve tighter and firmer legs that will give patients the freedom to wear revealing clothes once again, with more youthful and contoured thighs.

The Details

The medial thigh lift removes excess skin of the upper inner thigh and addresses laxity in the skin by making an incision that runs from the inner thigh near the groin towards the patients back along the crease of the buttock. From here, excess skin can be removed before the incisions are closed and, as is often the case, fat can be removed if liposuction techniques have been requested. This allows excess fat to be removed and provides an even more dramatic improvement in appearance. The thighs will appear much smoother and firm, even when liposuction techniques are not employed.


The thigh lift is a major surgery due to the large amount of skin and tissue in the thighs, and the fact that the process must be repeated for each leg and balanced carefully. Surgery can last three to four hours and patients are required to stay overnight for observation. Trained nurses and a full medical staff will monitor patients closely to ensure safety during this period, after which patients will be allowed to be transported home by a responsible friend, loved one, or relative. Patients are encouraged to get plenty of rest but also to carefully ease back in to physical movement as soon and as frequently as possible to increase blood flow and speed healing. All prescription antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed by our doctors and should be acquired in advance to be ready for use immediately after surgery. While the length of recovery varies from patient to patient, most patients are able to return to work within 2 to 3 weeks and are capable of mild non-rigorous exercise, which encourages a faster healing period.


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